Wild Dream Walks is a community of people, walking and connecting through the sharing of their dreams, visions, goals, thoughts, and ideas. We gather small and large groups of people (usually strangers) to workout their dream muscles by way of walking, sharing and listening. Sometimes we even convene around a big dream to bring it to reality together, much like a grove of Aspens support each other through their roots systems. Our bottom line is putting some love and friendship behind are wildest dreams.


Our Bottom Line

∞ Wild Dream Walks is an investment company. ∞ We invest in dreams that are bigger than any one person and, If Brought to Reality, would do a lot of good in the world. ∞ We might not always have money to invest but we do have other things that are just as valuable like: skills, … Continue reading Our Bottom Line

Our Founding

Nicole Huguenin, Chief Dream Architect nicolerhuguenin@gmail.com A former high school teacher turned generosity entrepreneur. After a chance encounter and walk with a 72-year-old women, she founded Wild Dream Walks to bring more love and friendship to the world, on foot. She gifts most of her time and energy to individuals and organizations valuing people as … Continue reading Our Founding

Gift Economy

$ ∞ Why does it cost $infiniti? Everything we do at Wild Dream Walks is given as a gift and the infiniti symbol reflects our commitment to give our time and services as a gift with no strings attached, trusting that what we need to operate will come back to us in some way, shape or form. … Continue reading Gift Economy