Gift Economy


Why does it cost $infiniti? Everything we do at Wild Dream Walks is given as a gift and the infiniti symbol reflects our commitment to give our time and services as a gift with no strings attached, trusting that what we need to operate will come back to us in some way, shape or form. We ask you to determine the value of these gifts & pay-it-forward as that is how gifts work, by being in motion. Of course, we hope any gifts you pay-forward are according to your own volition, your own monetary or creative means, and your own take on the value of our time together.  Thank you from the bottoms of our feet to the dreams in our heads.

Sometimes pay-it-forward includes paying-it-backwards. We are committed to accepting all forms of currency and have many ways that you can contribute to our community. From leading your own walks, hikes or events to supporting a fellow dream with your time or making a financial contribution, the possibilities are endless. Most of all

***We are in the midst of updating this page with more information about the gift economy.