Everything we do is given as a gift with a cost of $0.
It’s not free, but it is freely given.


First, dreams are a universal thing. Everyone has them, from the President of the United States to the homeless man sleeping behind the dumpster. In fact, we think you would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t ever had a wish for themselves or others.

Second, as we move towards our dreams (that big one or even the small daily things that make us feel good) we create the environment for more happiness, purpose and connection to ourselves and the world around us. That’s something we find to be priceless.

And, when we help others move towards those things, if it’s a lifestyle change, a business idea, or  simply a feeling, we increase even more of our capacity for happiness, purpose and connection. A few more things that are priceless to us.

So, if we put a specific price tag on our services we are inherently saying that certain people’s dreams are more important than others.

Instead, we’ve designed our community so anyone can dream with us, by going on a Dream Walk, participating on a Dream Team, or organically connecting with others in the community around each others dreams .

We ask each person that does any dreaming with us to decide the value of that time and support for themselves, then pay that forward so the next dreamer can be supported as well.

We accept all forms of currency.

That means time, money, resources, food, ideas, hugs. We trust that what we need to operate & grow will come back to us in some way, shape or form. As well, we often share what we need but we never solicit for funds nor do we engage in projects that are above our means.

If you would like to contribute financially, you may do so here.
If you would like to contribute in others ways, you may send us an email to do so by clicking here.


Click here for more information about the gift economy and how and why we choose to operate with this economic model.